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Francesco Vila was born in Valencia, Spain. There was nothing to suggest he would have a brilliant futur un watchmaking, as his native region was better known for its craftsmen in the fields of porcelain and leather.

In this way after studying science, art and philosophy, he found it quite natural to start his career in a production of high-end leather goods where he worked as an artistic director. This first professional experience allowed him to discover the universe of luxury, with its demands and its uniqueness.

But to really understand the identity of Franc Vila’s brand we have to go back to the prime motivator of its creator : Passion. It was during his childhood that Francesco Vila was fascinated to discover the magic of mechanical watches. He imagined that they had their « own lives ».

This feeling never really left him. What Mr Francesco Vila likes more than anything is watches with complicated movements, with a highly technical design and with a strong personality.


In 2002, Francesco Vila created his first watch initially for himself.

He was self-taught and dreamt of creating one of the most beautiful watches ever imagined, combining exclusive mechanism with unique design. The whole thing to be entirely made in Geneva in the purest tradition of Swiss watch making.

This led him to create his own brand in 2004, Franc Vila.


The philosophy behind the Franc Vila brand is pure perfectionism. Innovation, creativity and excellency are our fundamental principles.

Our aim is to create a complete range of watch complications presented in a strong, comtemporary ans « above all unique » design. « Exclusivity is the heart of luxury ».

To this end our movement has the same shape as the case – an upside-down 8 – the power reserve and the tourbillion are situated aboce the dial so as to be visible. This is the « three dimentional » effect, which makes our brand stand out in an unique way.

The Franc Vila brand never leaves anything to chance and only uses quality materials. Paying great attention to detail, every stage of production is verified. This is a way of keeping an eye on each development to make sure that everything correspond to our vision, a vision that mixes audacity and technical brilliance, anticonformism and originality.

Produced in very limited edition, our watches are a huge success all over the world. By creating our own path we are prooving very attractive as we offer a contemporary approach whilst preserving the best of Swiss watchmaking tradition.